Kamikaze Shot: Low Carb & Sugar-Free [Recipe] (2024)

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Have you ever had a kamikaze shot before? They are dee-lish! These sweet little shooters can be leisurely sipped, but are usually enjoyed quickly after a group cheers to get the party started.

Typically made with simple syrup and triple sec, the traditional kamikaze shot can easily cost you over 50 grams of net carbs per drink! To put this into perspective for those of us following the keto diet, this is over double our allotted carb count for an entire days worth of eating… in one swift gulp. Unacceptable!

If you want to know more about drinking alcohol on the keto diet, be sure to check out this guide.

The Sugar-Free Kamikaze Shot Recipe

I’m of the firm belief that you can make any recipe low in carbs, including this sugary party pleaser. You can get a nearly identical taste using a low carb sweetener like Erythritol or Stevia in place of the triple sec and syrup.

This kamikaze shot recipe is low carb, sugar-free and soooooo (…ooooooooo) good! If you love sweet co*cktails but have committed to following the keto diet, this is for YOU! Total carb count is less than 3 net carbs. That’s a far cry from 50! You have to try this, it will not disappoint.

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The best part is that you can't even tell this is a healthy, “diet” co*cktail... it tastes just like the ones your favorite bartender would serve up but without all the carbs.

The ingredients are simple and accessible; no mixologist sorcery here! Just vodka, lime juice, and low carb sweetener. You’ll also want to grab a shaker and some ice to chill the drink really well. Now go enjoy that low carb kamikaze shot!

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Note on the sweetener: I used Splenda for my low carb sweeter in the original recipe, but I've switched to using either Stevia or Erythritol. The original post was a couple years back and I've since learned that granulated Splenda has maltodextrin in it! Yuck, it's basically sugar and has a big impact on blood glucose. Lesson learned, best to avoid it altogether if you're doing the keto diet! I wanted to be sure to update the recipe and post with ingredients that I'm currently using so you can learn from my mistakes! Be sure to pick a low carb sugar substitute that works for you and you're guaranteed the same awesome results for your kamikaze shot!

📖 Recipe

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Kamikaze Shot: Low Carb & Sugar-Free [Recipe]

A kamikaze shot without all the sugar! Yay!

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Prep Time: 1 minute minute

Total Time: 1 minute minute

Course: co*cktail, Drinks

Cuisine: American

Special Diet: Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian

Servings: 1 drink

Serving Size:

Net Carbs: 2g

Author: Tasha


US Customary - Metric


  • Place ice in shaker.

  • Add lime juice, sweetener, and vodka.

  • Cover and shake.

  • Serve in chilled rocks glass or short tumbler.


2 net carbs per serving


Nutrition Facts

Kamikaze Shot: Low Carb & Sugar-Free [Recipe]

Amount per Serving



% Daily Value*














Net Carbs





* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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What’s your favorite co*cktail? Be sure to comment below and I’ll see if I can give it a low carb spin!

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Hi, I'm Tasha–nutritionist, recipe developer, and multi-published cookbook author.

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  1. Kamikaze Shot: Low Carb & Sugar-Free [Recipe] (5)Jen says

    Favorite co*cktails include: Bailey's Irish Cream on the rocks - which I would think could be particularly adaptable to Keto, Margaritas, Cosmopolitans


  2. Kamikaze Shot: Low Carb & Sugar-Free [Recipe] (6)Ann says

    Sure would like to make a good low carb margarita!


  3. Kamikaze Shot: Low Carb & Sugar-Free [Recipe] (7)LouAnn Farrier says

    I love jagermeister & rootbeer shots.


  4. Kamikaze Shot: Low Carb & Sugar-Free [Recipe] (8)Angela says

    My co*cktail of choice would be equal parts (1 shot, 2 shots, diesnt matter. Just smae amount of all tbree over ice-so yummy)Jameson, peach schnapps, and homemade sour mix (with homemade simple syrup). Could you get this to taste the same and make it low carb?


    • Kamikaze Shot: Low Carb & Sugar-Free [Recipe] (9)CC says

      I like Salty dogs= Grapefruit juice ruby red, vodka with salt on the rim.


  5. Kamikaze Shot: Low Carb & Sugar-Free [Recipe] (10)Natalie says

    I really love white Russians and tequila sunrises. What can you do with those that tastes great?


  6. Kamikaze Shot: Low Carb & Sugar-Free [Recipe] (11)Barb says

    How about Fireball shots?


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Kamikaze Shot: Low Carb & Sugar-Free [Recipe] (2024)
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