Distinguishing Characteristics of the Zodiac Sign Aries (2023)

Distinguishing Characteristics of the Zodiac Sign Aries (1)

I am back to writing astrology and this time it’s the Aries sign characteristics. This article provides in-depth information of the zodiac sign of Aries, ranging from the characteristics for both, Aries men and women, to their physical characteristics. So if you are an Arien, here are a few characteristics, that even you didn’t know you had (or just wouldn’t be caught dead confessing to)…

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Aries is the first zodiac sign in astrology. The zodiac sign of Aries takes full effect on 21st March each year and ends on 20th April. Not counting those that fall in the Pisces-Aries cusp or the Aries-Taurus cusp, the zodiac sign of Aries displays some unique characteristics. This article progresses in the following order: firstly some information on the Aries sun sign and the physical characteristics of the Aries people and then the personality characteristics of both, the Aries men and women. I know though, that if you are an Aries man or woman, you will skip all the sections and jump right to the characteristics, keeping in line with your Aries characteristic of impatience. Caught you, didn’t I?

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The Sun Sign of Aries

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As mentioned earlier, the Aries zodiac sign falls between the period of 21st March to 20th April. It belongs to the fire element and is a positive (masculine) star sign. It is a cardinal sign of leadership and hence the trails of bossiness and authority is evident even in the lesser Aries people. Belonging to the fire element gives Aries the fiery drive to go after things that it likes, along with the energy, enthusiasm and stamina of a burning fire. Unfortunately, fire also gives Aries the ability to destroy good things with a caustic (sarcastic) tongue and very short attention spans (lasting power). Unless there is someone to motivate an Aries individual and keep fueling it fire, the Aries individual is usually running after too many dreams and letting go of many more. Aries shares good astrological signs compatibility with itself and Sagittarians.

Physical Characteristics of Aries

When you first meet an Aries person, you will find him surrounded by a flock of people and this will leave you wondering what is wrong with all of them for you can see nothing extraordinary in him. When you meet him once more, you will find him charming and magnetic. It is from here on that you will be seeing all his good qualities, his friendliness, his charm of getting his work done by other people, so on and so forth. After a stage you may even be completely blinded and those that aren’t will be left wondering what others find so awesome about him. Either way, one thing’s for sure, you will not be able to ignore him. Aries people usually have something highlighting their heads as the sign rules the head. They usually have abnormally large foreheads or have some or the other markedly different feature about their heads. This happens to be the only positively identifiable physical characteristic of Aries.

General Characteristics

The horoscope wheel of astrology begins with the star sign of Aries. In fact, Aries is like the newborn of the zodiac. I mean that figuratively as well as literally. Just watch an Aries child, he knows what he wants and he cries and sulks till he gets it. He is self-absorbed and the only world that he knows, is the one in which he is starring. Leave your Aries child alone for a minute and he will bring the walls down with screams that reach an ‘opera’ pitch. Give it attention and he’s smiling with rosy, rounded cheeks, absolutely content that the fuss he created reaped the desired results.

Much like he was when he was a baby, an Aries adult also never quite grows up. He is still self-absorbed and unfortunately in the adult world, this is construed as being ‘selfish’. Selfish is a broad term and as well as I know the Aries people, they just appear to be so. They are so in their own world that they really do, with all integrity, fail to realize that whatever it is that they are demanding is putting someone else through a whole lot of trouble and even at some disadvantage. So I guess in the mature world of all other star signs, Aries tends to be a tad selfish.

They are headstrong and leap first and exclaim later. Much like the ‘fool’ in the tarot cards, an Aries individual happily moves on through life, unconcerned that he is headed for a cliff. Most times, and certainly in the case of Aries, ignorance is bliss, for they do tend to sail over impending disasters with miraculous ease, probably because of their more reliable, Virgo or Capricorn friends. I had a Capricorn friend in varsity and you’d never believe all the things she did for a mutual Aries friend of ours. And that Aries fella sailed through it all without acknowledging her helping hand, without which he’d be a lot worse than he is now. Ya well, I did say Aries was a little self-absorbed, didn’t I.

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Anyway, coming to friends. Aries has a lot of them, and has many more in reserve as well. They have an inbuilt charm that is forever in the ‘switched-on’ mode that draws people to them like the bees swarming a honey pot. Though drawing friends is not difficult for them, retaining them in the long run can be a task. Yet, most of the time, they are so special that others tend to ignore their ‘not including them in their world’ flaw and retain them as friends anyway. Aries tend to get a lot of work done smoothly by pulling a few strings here and there (utilizing their friend’s network) and if only they’d learn to give credit where due, they’d be the most awesome individuals ever to have as friends.

The biggest characteristic to note is their fearlessness. I guess it comes with being headstrong. We’d all be fearless if we didn’t think about the cliff that lies ahead, no? Either way, call it the benefit of ignorance or call it bravery, Aries do have the amazing quality of facing all storms that come their way with a brave face and a confident heart. What is more, with their confidence and optimism, they win over most challenges that life throws their way. They are fantastic leaders but their short attention spans usually do not make them last long enough to taste the fruits of their labor. While the business they started has made to the top of the business charts, they are off hunting oil in the deserts of Sahara and hence do not know the current business news. The Leo that they sold their business to, has certainly made a good bargain by buying off his undervalued business project that only required steady leadership to reach full potential. Of well, whatever made the Arien happy, I guess.

Last but not the least, an Arien is a fantastically loyal friend and he is also fun to be around. He is almost always good at whatever he takes up and he has a personality to kill for. They can beat Gemini in chit-chat, beat Virgo in perfectionism without much effort and beat a Sagittarius in fighting lost causes, if they put their hearts to it. The only problem is placing their flighty hearts chained in one place. With extremely short attention spans and highly fickle interests they are most liable to leave good projects incomplete. Yesterday he was the CEO of a multinational company, today he’s suddenly enrolled in the Osho center to find inner peace. This is the story of the Aries people, who have extraordinary capabilities and the ability to fulfill all dreams, if they stick around long enough.

Characteristics of Aries Men

Aries men are determined to win against all odds, a resolve that feeds of the power of its ruler Mars. Like their ruler Mars, the Roman god of war, these men seem to be spoiling for a fist fight, the way they try to egg people on. They try their best to get on the nerves of people they like, but it is usually to get a reaction out of them. They are usually good at everything they attempt and have a habit (or necessity) to master everything that comes their way. They are headstrong and impatient. Most Aries men have a very quick gait, but those that have stronger influences in their birth chart tend to subdue this habit. In matters of love, like in all other matters, they prefer going for the lost causes. Everything tragic or hopeless tends to appeal to them and hence they also tend to go into deep abysses of gloom every once a while. Being typical fire signs however, they do not stay adrift, nor depressed for long durations and it is only the appeal of the tragedy that keeps them hanging on to futile causes. Most Aries men prefer intellectual discussions and are quite good verbally, at putting their points across. They are not overtly ambitious but do have a specific goal in mind, that they are always working towards. They are independent and are dominant in most relationships.

Characteristics of Aries Women

There’s an age-old saying that goes, ‘What’s sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander’ and it unfortunately holds true with the enviable Aries female. Aries women are typical 21st century females, with goals, dreams, ambitions that do not start and end with the home and hearth. Most Aries women have a strong masculine build and are interested in sports and business. They are superlatively ambitious and are not content with being just hausfraus. They are not at all clingy or dependent and hate asking for permission for everything they wish to do. They thoroughly believe in the equality of sexes and practice just that in their daily lives… if you can do it so can I. They are also good leaders and are usually very successful as they have greater staying capacity than the males. In fact, there are only two ladies that can give the men a run for their money in almost every field, be it sports, business or any other field and they happen to be the Aries and Leo ladies. Aries women are not the shy and quiet types so please do expect a little rebellion and a little outspoken ‘we fight for our rights’ kind of behavior if you happen to have an Aries lady around. If you have an Aries woman in your life, your life will take a spicy, tangy, bitter, sour and sweet turn alternatively for she’s sure to spice it up for you. No more old, routine, boring days!

Both Aries men and women are gifted with the characteristics of beguiling speech and friendly demeanor, or it is just their innocent charm that makes you behave like their handmaidens and varlets. Either ways, both Aries men and women are just absolutely fantastic friends to have around, for they are charming, loyal and helpful. If you can learn to ignore a little bit here and a little bit there, you have the perfect recipe for a lasting relationship with them. Trust me, life with an Arien can alternate between absolutely trying and testing to fun and entertaining, but one thing that it is never, is BORING!

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Distinguishing Characteristics of the Zodiac Sign Aries? ›

Typical sun in Aries traits include being energetic, impulsive, curious, direct, and at times innocent. If that sounds like the description of a young child, that's because Aries, ruled by the First House of Self, is considered the "baby" of the zodiac.

What is the personality of an Aries? ›

Like their fellow fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, Aries is a passionate, motivated, and confident leader who builds community with their cheerful disposition and relentless determination. Uncomplicated and direct in their approach, they often get frustrated by exhaustive details and unnecessary nuances.

What makes Aries different from other signs? ›

Aries natives intentionally take up challenges as they like pushing themselves out of their comfort zone. They yearn for taking the charge and be the leader in every situation and this makes them different from other zodiacs. Another unique trait of Aries is that they are very unpredictable.

What is Aries best characteristic? ›

Positive Aries Personality Traits

Their fearlessness and courageousness make them the ideal people for trying new experiences, taking big risks, and breaking new ground. Aries' fire element is responsible for their energetic nature, passion, and creativity.

What is the most obvious feature of Aries? ›

The constellation's most obvious feature is a crooked line of three stars. The brightest of these stars is Hamal.


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