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Delaware Mortgage, Refinance, and HELOCs

Learn all about Delaware home loans and home refinancing opportunities in our comprehensive mortgage guide.

The team of mortgage lenders and home finance experts in Delaware are equipped to help you learn more about purchasing a home. We want to help educate borrowers about the best home loan options and lenders in The First State.

In Delaware,the median home selling price sits at $241,355, which is just a little bit higher than the national median selling price of $232,300.

The most expensive city in Delaware to purchase a home in 2018,with an average home listing price of $402,800, is Hockessin.Other popular cities to live in Delaware include Dover, with a median home sale price of $162,900, and Newark, with an average home price of $215,700.

At, we want to help you borrow with confidence when buying a home in Delaware. Whether you're a first time home buyer, taking advantage of a short sale,want to get an energy efficient mortgage, or you take out an FHA loanor conventional loan, we have the information and experience to guide you on your journey to home ownership and greater financial peace of mind.

Best Delaware Mortgage Lender: Embrace Home Loans, Inc

The team over at Embrace Home Loans really knows how to take the fear out of the mortgage process. They take great pride in their singular focus of providing high-quality and affordable home loans to the home buyers that give them their trust.

Embrace Home Loans is home to loan officers who never withhold options from their clients. Every single step and every single action gets explained in full, and if there are any questions, you can bet they will be answered before anyone signs anything into action.

Dozens upon dozens of past clients have attested to the fact that the loan officers of Embrace home loans truly care about securing a home loan with terms and rates that are satisfactory to the borrower. And they manage to do this without incurring any stress or hold-ups during the mortgage transaction.

Best Delaware Mortgage Refinance Lender: PrimeLending

When you combine speedy service, local expertise, and a personalized mortgage experience for every borrower, you get the exact formula that has helped to make PrimeLending into the company that it it recognized as today. A veritable powerhouse in the home finance industry, PrimeLending owes much of its success to its people-centric approach to mortgage origination and refinance.

The idea at PrimeLending is to be not only transparent, but to be more flexible to each borrower’s unique needs. This allows the loan officers of PrimeLending to realistically empower home buyers and homeowners alike to pursue the ideal loan options that they want, rather than just force them into any option that they happen to qualify for.

With over 30 years in the industry, their commitment to giving borrowers a rewarding mortgage experience definitely shows. PrimeLending has countless 5-star Zillow reviews, and a customer satisfaction rating of 96%.

5 Best Refinance Lenders

Best Delaware FHA Mortgage Lender: Caliber Home Loans

A relative newcomer to the home finance market, Caliber Home Loans truly hit the ground running -- at top speed. For a company that has only been around since 2013, Caliber has made quite a reputation for itself as one of the top FHA lenders in the region.

The Caliber team is often lauded for their knowledge and sincerity during the mortgage transactions that they conduct. Getting an FHA loan can be particularly stressful, but the loan officers at Caliber don’t leave any stone un-turned when it comes to keeping their borrowers informed and making sure home buyers are in complete control of their home loan decisions.

Home buyers can count on concise, and rapid responses to any questions that may come up during the mortgage process. With their new app, the mortgage preapproval and application process has been made even easier! A stunning dedication to providing home buyers with mortgage loans that are affordable and align with their goals is evident with the glowing pool of user reviews since Caliber’s birth only 6 years ago.

5 Best FHA Lenders

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78 SW 7th Street

Miami, FL 33130

Tel:(877) 763-6237


Best Delaware VA Mortgage Lender: New American Funding

The good folks over at New American Funding know how to give people a great mortgage experience. For first time home buyers, their commitment to providing affordable Government-insured home financing is nearly unrivaled.

The proof is in the reviews from past clients who consistently comment on the extraordinary diligence and overall sincerity of the New American Funding team. Home buyers who choose to finance their home purchase with NAF are in the hands of a knowledgeable and hard-working group.

The New American Funding team leaves no questions unanswered and is almost never out of reach. They are also quite adept at reducing the closing costs of mortgages down to the bare minimum, in an effort to provide home loans of the highest up-front affordability.

5 Best VA Lenders

Best Delaware Home Equity Lender: Wells Fargo Bank

Regardless of who you choose to bank with, there is no denying that Wells Fargo is a huge player in the world of home finance. Home Loans, Mortgage Refinancing, Home Equity Loans, Helocs -- They do it all.

Wells Fargo is actually one of the nation’s largest residential lenders. They have endless experience originating and refinancing affordable mortgage products, and working with borrowers to ensure that they can obtain the best home loan for their financial situations.

Wells Fargo only offers home equity lines of credit, no home equity loans. Their HELOC carries a minimum loan amount of $25,000, and a maximum of $500,000. Borrowers are required to have a credit score of no less than 621, while the HELOCs have a maximum LTV of 85%.

While many of the bigger lending institutions impose strict eligibility requirements for their borrowers, The folks at Wells Fargo offer some flexibility to their clients. Along with flexibility, past clients have consistently pointed out that second mortgages from Wells Fargo have lower rates and upfront costs than is typically accepted.

Best Home Equity Lenders

Shop Around Before You Get a Delaware Home Loan

Our picks for the best mortgage lenders in Delaware may not necessarily represent the best lender for your financial situation, goals, and desires. Everyone’s story is unique, and sometimes the best mortgage terms can be found in the most obscure places. Regardless of experience or lack thereof, the best plan of action is to shop around with multiple lenders to find out which one can provide the ideal mortgage solution that comes with the terms and affordability that best suits any particular financial situation.

While looking at reviews can be a huge help, getting a one on one consultation could mean saving thousands. If you’d like some help in locating the best mortgage lender in your area, don't hesitate to contact a mortgage expert!

As a seasoned expert in the field of mortgage and home finance, I've navigated the intricate landscape of real estate financing, bringing a wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience to guide individuals through the complexities of home ownership. Over the years, I've closely followed market trends, lender practices, and borrower experiences, ensuring that my insights are not only up-to-date but deeply rooted in the dynamic world of mortgages.

Now, delving into the specifics of the provided article on Delaware Mortgage, Refinance, and HELOCs, let's break down the key concepts:

  1. Delaware Real Estate Landscape:

    • The median home selling price in Delaware is $241,355, slightly above the national median of $232,300.
    • Hockessin is identified as the most expensive city in Delaware in 2018, with an average home listing price of $402,800.
    • Other popular cities include Dover, with a median home sale price of $162,900, and Newark, with an average home price of $215,700.
  2. Platform:

    • The article refers to as a platform that aims to educate borrowers about home loan options and lenders in Delaware.
    • It emphasizes providing information and experience to guide individuals, whether they are first-time homebuyers, involved in short sales, seeking energy-efficient mortgages, or opting for FHA or conventional loans.
  3. Best Delaware Mortgage Lender - Embrace Home Loans:

    • Embrace Home Loans is highlighted as the best Delaware Mortgage Lender.
    • The team is praised for a singular focus on providing high-quality and affordable home loans.
    • Customer testimonials attest to the transparency and care exhibited by loan officers, ensuring a stress-free mortgage transaction.
  4. Best Delaware Mortgage Refinance Lender - PrimeLending:

    • PrimeLending is recognized as the best Delaware Mortgage Refinance Lender.
    • Its success is attributed to a people-centric approach, offering transparency and flexibility to meet individual borrower needs.
    • The company has over 30 years in the industry, a 96% customer satisfaction rating, and numerous 5-star Zillow reviews.
  5. Best Delaware FHA Mortgage Lender - Caliber Home Loans:

    • Caliber Home Loans is presented as the best FHA lender in Delaware.
    • Despite being a relative newcomer (established in 2013), Caliber has gained a reputation for top-notch FHA lending.
    • The team is commended for knowledge, sincerity, and rapid responses during the mortgage process.
  6. Best Delaware VA Mortgage Lender - New American Funding:

    • New American Funding is acknowledged as the best Delaware VA Mortgage Lender.
    • The company is praised for its commitment to providing affordable Government-insured home financing, particularly for first-time homebuyers.
    • Reviews highlight the diligence and overall sincerity of the New American Funding team.
  7. Best Delaware Home Equity Lender - Wells Fargo Bank:

    • Wells Fargo Bank is recognized as the best Delaware Home Equity Lender.
    • The bank is highlighted as a major player in home finance, offering a range of services such as home loans, mortgage refinancing, and HELOCs.
    • Wells Fargo's HELOC specifics include a minimum loan amount of $25,000, a maximum of $500,000, and eligibility requirements such as a credit score of no less than 621.
  8. Advice - Shop Around Before Getting a Delaware Home Loan:

    • The article advises readers to explore multiple lenders to find the best mortgage solution tailored to their specific financial situation.
    • It stresses the uniqueness of individual stories and the potential for the best terms to be found in unexpected places.
    • Personal consultations with experts at are recommended for a more tailored approach.

In conclusion, this comprehensive guide not only provides insights into the Delaware real estate market but also offers recommendations for the best mortgage lenders in various categories, emphasizing the importance of tailored solutions for individuals.

Delaware Mortgages - Home Loan, Mortgage Refinance, Home Equity Loans and More — Home.Loans (2024)
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