A Comprehensive Guide on Starling Bank App Development Cost (2024)

Mobile banking apps have become crucial for businesses in several ways, offering benefits that streamline operations, improve customer experience, and boost overall effectiveness. Experts believe leveraging mobile banking applications augments cash flow management by improving financial communication.

As customer expectations pivot towards personalized, seamless, and mobile-centric experiences, banking and financial institutions are increasingly focusing on the development of resilient and user-friendly software solutions that align with these changing customer demands.

According to a Statista report, the revenue of the app industry in Europe is projected to reach $77.61 billion by 2027.

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Developing mobile banking apps is no longer a futuristic luxury but an everyday necessity. Apps like Starling Bank have exceptionally revolutionized the financial landscape, demonstrating effective operational methodologies and safeguarding sensitive information.

Developing a mobile banking app like Starling Bank not only provides a competitive edge but also aids in delivering a personalized experience. Yet, as you aspire to lead a neo-banking revolution, a fundamental question arises: what is the cost of developing a mobile banking app comparable to Starling Bank?

So, let’s dive into the factors that impact the development cost and other valuable information that can help us build highly effective and result-driven strategies.

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Why Mobile Banking Apps Like Starling Are Essential

In the dynamic landscape of financial technology, mobile banking apps like Starling are essential as these apps assist users in managing their finances (Such as the Mudra app that we developed) anytime, anywhere, offering easy access to banking services through smartphones. These FinTech apps are highly advantageous in streamlining financial transactions, augmenting security, and real-time monitoring, resulting in a heightened user experience. In 2024, the necessity of building an app like Starling Bank has become demanding due to its impeccable advantages, such as 24/7 availability, frictionless transactions, convenience, etc.

Key Factors Influencing The Cost to Develop An App Like Starling Bank

To Develop a mobile banking app like Starling Bank is a strategic and systematic approach that demands experts’ proficiency, state-of-the-art technology, and an appropriate selection of features. Let’s find out the key factors that enhance the cost to develop an app like Starling Bank.

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App Features and Complexity

The intricacy of a mobile banking app plays a vital role in deciding the development costs. Starling Bank includes features like real-time notifications, smooth fund transfers, and budgeting tools. Complicated features and a smooth user interface add to the overall development costs.

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Development Approach

The development approach to building a mobile banking app influences the development costs. Starling Bank’s agile development methodology is the winner, allowing dynamic improvements and adaptations to market trends. Embracing agile practices might add to the initial costs but is cost-effective in the long run.

Technology Stack

The choice of a technology stack is crucial in gauging the development costs. Starling Bank leverages pioneering technologies to ensure a secure platform. Incorporating biometric authentication and blockchain-based security measures needs expertise in advanced technologies, influencing the overall project cost.

Compliance and Regulations

Mobile banking apps, especially those handling important financial data, must obey strict compliance and regulatory standards. Starling Bank’s commitment to compliance is seen in its adherence to PSD2 and GDPR.

Location and Developer Rates

The geographical location of the development team impacts costs. Starling Bank, based in the UK, operates in areas with higher developer rates. However, the quality of work associated with such geographical locations often explains the investment.

Project Management and Communication

Efficient project management and transparent communication are crucial for successful app development. Starling Bank’s focus on effective communication and project management guarantees timed delivery and alignment with business goals. Betting on experienced project managers and fostering good communication may incur additional costs but will result in a smoother development process.

Let’s explore the different aspects of Starling Bank app development cost.

App FeaturesTimelineCosts
Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with core functionalities2-3 months$50,000 – $100,000
Mid-range app with advanced features and integrations3- 9 months$100,000 – $250,000
Comprehensive app with cutting-edge technologies and personalization9 -14 months$250,000+

Features of Banking Apps Like Starling

There are certain prevalent features of apps like Starling Bank. Let’s understand how those features create impact and enhance customer experiences by safeguarding valuable information.

Account Management: In-Depth Financial Overview

This feature allows users to access a comprehensive view of their financial status. Users can conveniently check account balances, review detailed statements, examine transaction histories, and access other essential account details—all within the application’s user-friendly interface.

Transfers and Payments: Seamless Financial Transactions

Users can effortlessly send and receive money between individuals, pay bills directly from the app, and make phone contactless payments. The user-friendly platform ensures that financial transactions are not only efficient but also securely executed, providing users with peace of mind in every financial interaction.

Spending Insights: Intuitive Financial Understanding

This feature categorizes transactions, provides visually appealing breakdowns, and offers real-time tracking of spending patterns. Users gain valuable insights into their financial behavior, allowing them to make informed decisions and achieve greater financial control.

Connected Cards: Holistic Account Management

Users can manage multiple accounts seamlessly within the app with this feature. It includes Open Banking integration, allowing users to link accounts from other banks effortlessly.

24/7 Customer Support: Personalized Assistance at Your Fingertips

This feature offers users access to unparalleled customer support with 24/7 service. Users can receive real-time assistance from the dedicated support team through in-app chat or phone, ensuring they have help anytime and anywhere.

Solutions to Overcome Challenges in Implementing a Mobile Banking App Similar to Starling Bank

Building an app like Starling Bank is highly advantageous, enabling businesses to help their target audience by making their journey easier and impactful. But, there are certain challenges that appear while developing the app. Let’s navigate those challenges as well as their solutions.

Challenge: Security Issues


Incorporating high-end encryption protocols and conducting regular security audits guarantees the safety of important financial data and builds customer trust.

Challenge: Regulatory Compliance


Employing an adaptive development approach and keeping up with regulatory updates ensures compliance with standards. By proactively addressing evolving legal frameworks and data protection requirements, developers can establish a foundation that not only meets current standards but also anticipates and adapts to future regulatory changes, fostering a resilient and compliant development process.

Challenge: User Adoption Resistance


Hosting comprehensive training programs and facilitating ongoing support helps customers welcome the new mobile banking app, enhancing productivity.

How Appinventiv Can Facilitate the Development of a Mobile Banking App Similar to Starling Bank

Building an app like Starling Bank has become the need of the hour. Financial institutions holistically focus on creating cutting-edge solutions using advanced technology and result-driven methodologies.

We are a prominent FinTech app development company that leverages state-of-the-art technology and experts’ proficiency to build an app like Starling Bank. We are dedicated to revolutionizing financial experiences by crafting innovative and user-centric solutions. Our commitment to excellence in FinTech app development is rooted in the collective wisdom and diverse expertise of our seasoned professionals. With a focus on staying at the forefront of technological advancements, we also offer top-notch Android app development services to complement our FinTech solutions. Our team is adept at creating cutting-edge Android applications that cater to the evolving needs of the financial industry, ensuring seamless user experiences and robust functionality.

In the realm of banking app development, our projects exemplify a meticulous process that begins with a comprehensive understanding of client requirements. Our dedicated team of experts, well-versed in the nuances of FinTech, collaborates seamlessly to craft tailored solutions that align with industry trends and user expectations. From conceptualization to deployment, we prioritize security, user experience, and innovation, delivering apps that resonate with the modern user.


Q. How much does it cost to develop an app like Starling Bank?

A. Starling Bank app development cost depends on the complexities and features the businesses require. It usually differs from $50,000 to $250,000.

Q. How long does it take to make an app like Starling Bank?

A. In order to create an app like Starling Bank, business consume 3 to 14 months, focusing on project requirements, building target audience strategy, and implementing advanced technology.

Q. What are the essential mobile banking app development steps to ensure a seamless user experience?

A. Starling Bank app development process includes market research, business objectives, user persona, features prioritization, security planning, and regulatory compliances.

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As someone deeply entrenched in the realm of financial technology, particularly in the development of mobile banking applications, I can attest to the transformative power these apps wield in modern banking and finance. Let's dissect the concepts woven into the article about mobile banking apps like Starling Bank:

  1. Mobile Banking App Benefits: The article highlights the advantages of mobile banking apps for businesses, such as streamlining operations, enhancing customer experience, and improving overall effectiveness. These benefits are backed by real-world examples and industry expertise, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

  2. Customer Expectations and Industry Trends: It discusses how customer expectations are shifting towards personalized, seamless, and mobile-centric experiences, indicating a keen awareness of evolving industry trends and consumer behavior.

  3. Market Projection: Citing a Statista report projecting the revenue of the app industry in Europe, the article illustrates an understanding of market dynamics and the broader economic landscape shaping the development of mobile banking apps.

  4. Case Study - Starling Bank: By referencing Starling Bank as a pioneering example, the article showcases practical insights into successful operational methodologies and security measures within the mobile banking sector, suggesting a deep familiarity with industry leaders and their strategies.

  5. Development Cost Considerations: It delves into the key factors influencing the cost of developing a mobile banking app like Starling Bank, such as app features, development approach, technology stack, compliance, location, and project management. This demonstrates a nuanced understanding of the multifaceted aspects involved in app development, from technical requirements to regulatory compliance and project management best practices.

  6. App Features and Impact: Detailed descriptions of features like account management, transfers and payments, spending insights, connected cards, and customer support highlight a granular understanding of user needs and how these features contribute to an enhanced customer experience.

  7. Challenges and Solutions: The article identifies common challenges in implementing mobile banking apps, such as security issues, regulatory compliance, and user adoption resistance, and offers pragmatic solutions for addressing them, reflecting a proactive approach to problem-solving and risk mitigation.

  8. Expertise and Services Offered: Finally, it concludes with information about how a development company like Appinventiv can facilitate the creation of mobile banking apps similar to Starling Bank, emphasizing their expertise, technological capabilities, and commitment to delivering innovative, user-centric solutions.

Overall, the article demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the mobile banking landscape, supported by evidence, industry insights, and practical recommendations for businesses looking to capitalize on this growing market.

A Comprehensive Guide on Starling Bank App Development Cost (2024)
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